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about fulshear historical

The Vision

A community engaged and enriched through sharing and preserving the history of Fulshear, Texas.

The Mission

To connect people to the past

by collecting, preserving and

promoting the diverse history

of the people and events

that shaped Fulshear, Texas.


To inspire future generations

through education, arts and service.


The Values


We value the importance of collaborating with community members and like-minded organizations to advance our

knowledge and mission.  


We value public trust and embrace the responsibility to conserve Fulshear history

and heritage in adherence to the highest ethical standards.


We strive to invite and engage the broadest audience in the exploration of Fulshear’s past and its relationship to state and national history.

The Goals



Cultivate historical collections through community sourcing, research, and regional alliances



Provide care for historically relevant sites and items



Develop programs to disseminate knowledge within schools and public spaces.



Promote Fulshear history to further support and benefit the community



Make collections and content available to the public

The FHA Brand

The Fulshear Historical Association logo represents a compilation of industries that helped to form Fulshear in its earliest days; from the railway, to horse ranching, to farming. The incorporation of these elements into the FHA brand helps to keep Fulshear's heritage visible in the community today. 
FHA Logo Social Share Image.jpg

Special thanks

Amal Agha
for donating time
and services in the
creation of these logos.

24-0001_01_Bicentennial Logo 1-9-01.jpg

FHA Standard Logo

FHA Bicentennial logo

FHA Documents

Integrity & Transparency

As a newly formed organization, the Fulshear Historical Association continues to develop foundational framework to support the FHA mission and the Fulshear community. The most recent organization documents can be accessed and downloaded here. 

COMMUNITY PARTNERSHIP is our primary value. As such, all Fulshear community members are welcomed and encouraged to get involved in the ongoing development, research, and activities of the FHA. 

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