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Fulshear Historical Association is a registered nonprofit organization dedicated to
preserving and sharing the history of Fulshear, Texas.

about fulshear historical

THE VISION: A community engaged and enriched through sharing and preserving the history of Fulshear, Texas.

The Mission

To connect people to the past

by collecting, preserving and

promoting the diverse history

of the people and events

that shaped Fulshear, Texas.


To inspire future generations

through education, arts and service.


The Goals

Collecting. Cultivate historical collections

                     through community sourcing,

                     research and regional alliances.


Preserving. Provide care for historically relevant

                      sites and items.

Educating. Develop programs to disseminate

                    knowledge within schools and public


Advocating. Promote Fulshear history to further

                      support and benefit the community.

Accessing. Make collections and content

                     available to the public.

The Values


We value the importance of collaborating with community members and like-minded organizations to advance our

knowledge and mission.  


We value public trust and embrace the responsibility to conserve Fulshear history

and heritage in adherence to the highest

ethical standards.


We strive to invite and engage the broadest audience in the exploration of Fulshear’s past and its relationship to state and national history.


The Fulshear Historical Association (FHA) logo represents a compilation of industries that helped to form Fulshear in its earliest days; from the railway, to horse ranching, to farming. Fulshear's heritage continues to be visible in the community today. 
A special thanks to
Amal Agha Designs
for donating time and services 
in the creation of this logo.
Fulshear Historical Association Favicon.png

FHA Documents

Integrity & Transparency

As a newly formed organization, the Fulshear Historical Association is continuing to develop foundational framework to support the mission and the Fulshear community. The most recent organization documents can be accessed and downloaded here. 

COMMUNITY PARTNERSHIP is our primary value. As such, all Fulshear community members are welcomed and encouraged to get involved in the ongoing development, research, and activities of the FHA. 

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Board of Directors
Fulshear Historical Association is a 501(c)3 organization governed by a volunteer board



President (2023-2026) Executive Board

Currently pursuing her Masters degree in Museum Studies, Heather's focus is on mission-driven and community-informed initiatives. Her background in visual and performing arts contributes greatly to her work, which lies at the intersection of visual culture, heritage preservation, and storytelling. An advocate for arts and culture, she can often be found promoting museums, as well as dance and art programs, within the community and in education.



Treasurer & Interim Secretary (2023-2026) Executive Board

As an eight-year resident of Fulshear, Susie brings her experience in project management to the Fulshear Historical Association. She retired in 2019 with 40 years of working in creative services and corporate communications in the oil industry and is enjoying serving the community by promoting the history of Fulshear.



Director of Digital Operations  (2023-2026)

Leslee is a highly accomplished digital media consultant with a proven track record of developing successful social media plans, content creation and management ideas. With years of experience in the industry, Leslee has won multiple awards for her exceptional work in digital media. When Leslee is not working you can find her taking photos, volunteering, teaching bible study, and learning new tricks of the trade!



Director of Education & Outreach  (2023-2026)

Heather is a lifelong Texan with roots going back to the Republic of Texas. She has deep ties to central and south rural Texas. Heather is a longtime educator in the Houston area with a passion for teaching, history, and the arts.


Fulshear Historical Association has begun the process of establishing the organizations first-ever advisory board. Advisor Invitations will be sent to individuals, within local, county, and state designations, who can lend their support, knowledge, and skills to the growth and benefit of the FHA. The acceptance of this position is made official through a signed Letter of Commitment.

Please note, these are non-paid, non-voting, term positions.

If you would like to nominate someone as a potential advisor, please send a Request for Consideration email to



The Fulshear Historical Association board would like to
extend our sincere thanks to our past board chairs, 

Rebecca Patterson (President 2020-2022)
Sonya Simmons (Treasurer 2020-2023)
for their work as passionate founding officers of the organization.
Their leadership helped to establish the necessary framework for a newly developed non-profit, positioning the FHA to achieve positive future accomplishments in service to the Fulshear com

Many thanks for your time and dedication
to Fulshear's history and heritage!

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