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Board of Directors
Fulshear Historical Association is a 501(c)3 organization governed by a volunteer board

Heather McAdoo FHA President


President (2023-2026) Executive Board

Utilizing her Masters degree from Harvard in the field of Museum Studies, Heather focuses on organizational structure and leadership, highlighting foundational components such as relevance, mission centralization, technology integration, and public collaborations. With a background in photography, she can often be found behind the lens, advocating for arts and culture in communities by creating visibility through images and storytelling. Emphasizing visual culture, she harnesses creative planning and project documentation, using publications, exhibition planning, and program design to build relationships and increase positive public engagement.

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Susie Howey FHA Treasurer


Treasurer & Interim Secretary (2023-2026) Executive Board

As a ten-year resident of Fulshear, Susie brings her experience in project management to the Fulshear Historical Association. She retired in 2019 with forty years of working in creative services and corporate communications in the oil industry and is enjoying serving the community by promoting the history of Fulshear.

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Leslee Hackett Director of Digital Operations


Director of Digital Operations  (2023-2026)

As a highly accomplished digital media consultant, Leslee has a proven track record of developing successful social media plans, content creation and management ideas. An award-winning expert in effective digital media, including monitoring and concise trend spotting, Leslee's work has enabled her to create pitches that resonate with target audiences. Extending beyond the digital, she is highly adept at executing both external and internal marketing communication techniques, ensuring that every aspect of a business's marketing strategy is optimized for success. With a sharp eye for detail and a commitment to delivering exceptional results, Leslee has earned a reputation as a trusted advisor and a go-to resource for companies seeking to enhance their digital media and communications presence.

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Lindsey Hermes Director of Records & Archives


Director of Records & Archives  (2023-2026)

Lindsey has a passion for history, demonstrated through her time spent as a Social Studies teacher for Fort Bend ISD, as well as a guide for both the Fort Bend Museum and the Houston Holocaust Museum. Her passion for historical education was bolstered by her experience as an archival researcher for Texas A&M's Doctoral Education program, where she researched Texas history and gained a publication in the American Educational History Journal.

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Karen Johnson Director of History & Research

Karen Johnson

Director of Education  (2023-2026)

With a profound love for history and its preservation, Karen has dedicated her career to teaching, with a focus on history. Beyond the classroom, her passion extends to connecting with people and unraveling their unique stories. Karen holds a Master's Degree in Education, enhancing her expertise in imparting historical knowledge and fostering a love for learning. With experience in research, training, and leadership, she is committed to preserving and sharing the rich tapestry of history, both inside and outside the classroom.

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Ashley Jordan Profile Image - Headshot.JPG

Ashley Jordan

Director of Preservation  (2023-2026)

Ashley contributes an academic, corporate, and creative background and deep passion for history coupled with a Masters of History and Bachelors of Social Sciences from Liberty University, bringing additional knowledge in historic preservation and cultural resources. Her experience in publishing and community engagement compliments her professional and volunteer work as an archivist, having participated with organizations including Patrick Henry’s Red Hill National Memorial Foundation, the Lafayette Trail, the National Archives and Records Administration, Library of Congress, Revere Publishing, a major Houston engineering firm, and the Smithsonian Institute. Ashley is excited to apply best practices and strategies to traditional and digital preservation methods to care for the history and heritage of Fulshear.

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24-0001_01_Bicentennial Logo 1-9-01.jpg

Bob Gordon

Director of Development  (2024-2027)

A resident of the Weston Lakes community, Bob is a former teacher from Texas A&M, and has over forty years experience in the oil and gas industry as an ocean engineer. In his retirement, Bob has has served First Fulshear Methodist Church as both a member and leader, working alongside fellow parishioners to pursue a capital campaign for campus development. With an interest and appreciation for history, he looks forward to applying his professional and networking skills to fundraisers and grant opportunities in support of growth for the FHA.

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Fulshear Historical Association is grateful to those who have committed to
the betterment of our organization as members of our advisory board.


Sarah Johnson

Michael Moore

Ramona Ridge

Claire Rogers

Sonya Simmons




Amal Agha

Advisory board consists of non-paid, non-voting, term positions.



The Fulshear Historical Association board would like to
extend our sincere thanks to our past board chairs, 

Rebecca Patterson (President 2020-2022)
Sonya Simmons (Treasurer 2020-2023)

Pam Bolil (2020-2022)
Heather Raphael (2020-2024)

for their work as passionate founding officers of the organization.
Their leadership helped to establish the necessary framework for a newly developed non-profit, positioning the FHA to achieve positive future accomplishments in service to the Fulshear com

Many thanks for your time and dedication
to Fulshear's history and heritage!

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