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High School Historians

Student Researchers

Fulshear Historical Association invites students from the surrounding high schools, both Fulshear and Jordan, to learn about their local history and to get involved in the process of promoting and preserving it! Student Research Committees for grades 9-12

are currently being formed. These committees function as an after-school student club

and are facilitated by a school educator with support from the FHA Director of History & Research. Through exploration and presentation, students gain valuable experience, serve an active role in the community, and help to achieve the FHA's vision and mission.


A community engaged and enriched through sharing and preserving the history of Fulshear, Texas.


To connect people to the past by collecting, preserving and promoting the diverse history of the people and events that shaped Fulshear, Texas. To inspire future generations through education, arts and service.

If interested in participating as a High School Historian, please download and complete

the committee information packet and submit them, via e-mail or in-person, 

to one of the specified teachers listed below.

Teacher Lead
High School
Social Studies
Madison Racicot
Social Studies (US History)
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