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Preserving the Past: The Fulshear Family Cemetery

Updated: Feb 9

In March of 2020, Andrew McRea, a member of the local Boy Scout Troop 941, began working on a preservation project that would help advance him to Eagle Scout rank. With hard work and determination, not only was he able to succeed in his efforts, he also inspired other community members from the Katy/Fulshear area to get involved.

The Fulshear Family Cemetery is the resting place of the town's founding father, along with nine other Fulshear relatives. Located on private property, Andrew was granted permission to access the site, but upon discovering it, was surprised to find that it had been all but forgotten. The grounds were overgrown with weeds, and the surrounding gate was covered with high levels of mud and rust. Even the large pecan tree, which stands prominently within the grounds, was struggling with several feet of excess dirt at its base. Recognizing the need for a preservation-centered overhaul, Andrew and his father Danny reached out to the city's Historic Preservation and Museum Committee, and were quickly introduced to the Fulshear Historical Association for further advising. Overjoyed by Andrew's eagerness to respect and preserve Fulshear history, the Association was excited provide any assistance needed.

After the completion of his project, Andrew sat down to chat with the Fulshear Historical Association about his experience, and those who came together to assist him. You can watch his interview in the video below.

A heartfelt thanks goes out to Andrew McRea, along with his family, for everything that he has done to preserve Fulshear history. His dedication to the city and the wellbeing of its heritage is truly commendable. Thank you also to the amazing community members who stepped forward to offer assistance and advice on this effort, especially Scout Troop 941, Sonya Simmons, Zach Goodlander, Ramona Ridge, J.D. McCann, and Shawn Gaiman.

Update: While the Fulshear Historical Association aims to assist in preservation where possible, it is important to note that the Fulshear Family Cemetery is located on private property and is not accessible to the public. The FHA continues to work towards meeting the requirements set forth by the land developer in order to offer volunteer cemetery care services in the near future.



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