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FBCL: Presenting Sethora West at the Bob Lutts Library

Updated: Mar 20, 2023

On September 8, 2005, the Bob Lutts Fulshear/Simonton Branch Library hosted a lecture by guest speaker and Fulshear resident, Sethora West, who presented on the history of the Fulshear community. With a Masters degree in Texas History, and as a descendant of the Old 300 pioneers, Mrs. West's topics cover Fulshear history from 1860-1950, including neighboring towns and the founding Fulshear family. The conclusion of her presentation also features remarkable photographs of historic Fulshear life.

You can view the entirety of her lecture in the video recording below, or you can find more information by following this link to the Houston Chronicle announcement from August 20, 2005.

Video courtesy of Sethora West.



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