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Industrial History

FBCL SAP History YouTube Image.png

A Brief History of the SAP in Ft. Bend

Learn from FBCL genealogy and local history specialist Daniel Sample as he discusses the origin of the San Antonio & Aransas Pass railroad and the remnants of its abandoned bridges still in existence today.

#FulshearHistory, #Railroad, #SAAP #SAP

Fulshear Train Station

Next Stop, Fulshear!

Discover the history of the San Antonio and Aransas Pass Railway! Learn about its foundational importance to the city of Fulshear, as well as the impact it had on trade, transportation, and neighboring communities.

#FulshearHistory, #Railroad, #SAAP #SAP

street scene looking west on 1093

Staying On Track

Published in Fulshear Magazine in 2018, read historian Susan Strickland's article about the expansion of the railroad through Fulshear, and its connection to the towns oldest building, the section house.
#FulshearHistory, #SectionHouse #Railroad
The Fulshear Historical Association is actively collecting information, articles,
documentation, photographs, and oral histories that help to expand the knowledge
of our great town. We look forward to making more information available soon.
If you would like to assist the FHA in this effort, please consider becoming a volunteer!
We welcome everyone to participate, and encourage all residents,
both past and present, to share their Fulshear stories.
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